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Custom kitchen remodelling

Planning a kitchen remodel in the near future? Club Cuisine BCBG offers custom kitchen remodelling for the Montreal, Laval and North Shore areas. Our detail-oriented kitchen designers and high-quality materials ensure the success of your custom kitchen project.

Your kitchen plan

To get a good understanding of your needs and budget, one of our kitchen designers can visit you at your home. This meeting can also take place in our showroom. The goal is to identify the style of your kitchen and the materials that best suit your lifestyle. We'll visit your home a second time to measure the room. Our kitchen designer will then be able to design a custom kitchen plan that reflects your taste.


The kitchen counter is probably one of the most used surfaces in a home! Kitchen countertops are available in many different materials: marble, melamine, granite, ceramic, laminate, quartz, stainless steel, etc. Our kitchen designers can recommend the ideal material for your custom kitchen.


The kitchen island has been a mainstay in kitchen remodels for several years. Often placed in the middle of the kitchen, the island usually provides additional storage and work space. Be sure you know what your needs are in terms of materials, as they each have different properties (resistant to heat, water, shocks or scratches caused by kitchen techniques and tools, etc.).


When creating a custom kitchen, you have the advantage of being able to choose from among a vast array of materials that will suit your personal taste. With your kitchen remodel budget in mind, we choose the material that best meets your needs. Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of materials and finishes: wood, thermofoil, melamine, polyester, acrylic or metal.


Choosing kitchen drawers is another important step in the remodelling process! Many options are available and our team of kitchen designers, always mindful of your needs, will be able to guide you. Our quality materials are your guarantee for drawers that will stand the test of time. Different accessories are also offered to help you better organize your custom kitchen's many drawers.

Other custom furniture

Interested in an original custom piece for your kitchen? Our kitchen designers love a challenge! With the wide range of materials available, the process of choosing materials can sometimes be complicated. Our skilled experts can guide you as you choose from among the different materials available. They can also provide great design ideas for creating a unique piece of custom furniture!

A fully-equipped kitchen

Kitchens need to accommodate everyone's habits: a quick cup of coffee, a lunchtime conversation or dinner preparations. An ergonomic kitchen is one that's equipped to accommodate your daily pace of life. Functional drawers, well-thought-out accessories – BCBG maximizes your space with clever storage solutions, providing you a fully-equipped kitchen!

Our high-end kitchen designers

Club Cuisine BCBG is a team of designers specializing in high-end kitchens. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, modern or country kitchen, our mission is to provide kitchen design services that meet your needs. Our designers collaborate with you throughout the design process and make sure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Our kitchen builders

Club Cuisine BCBG has been building custom kitchens and impressing customers with personalized custom kitchens for over 25 years. Our kitchen designers offer technical innovations and quality materials to design spaces that reflect your taste. Supporting you throughout your project, our kitchen designers make home visits in Montreal, Laval, the North Shore and surrounding areas.

The BCBG approach

The first meeting takes place directly at your house with one of our kitchen designers or at our Laval showroom if you are building a new house. During this meeting, the designer pays close attention to the needs and requirements you express concerning the creation of your dream kitchen or bathroom. She will work with you to determine the style and materials for each room. To design your project, she will also need to know what household appliances you have chosen.

During the second meeting held in our showroom we will present you our plans. The kitchen designer will show you cabinet door, countertop, backsplash, ceramic tiling or flooring samples, all selected to fit your personal preferences.

After purchasing your new kitchen or bathroom, a project manager will go to your home to accurately verify your measurements.

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Club Cuisine et salle de bain BCBG has a full staff: kitchen designers, passionate project managers and experienced engineers guarantee an interior design solution that will meet your expectations.

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