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Frequently up-to-date with the latest trends, our showroom has a variety of stylish kitchens and bathrooms. You will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of samples of different colors and styles of cabinet doors, finishes including several wood species of high quality available such as maple, walnut, oak, cherry, birch, pine, mahogany and some exotic woods. There is also a variety of lacquer colors available on maple and MDF. You will discover spectacular granite colors and a wide range of choice of quartz, marble, butcher-block countertops and other materials. Club Cuisine BCBG also has a range of manufactured products made by Quebec artisans. You are invited to handle cabinet doors, drawers and discover practical and stylish accessories to facilitate and enjoy day-to-day life in your kitchen. Club Cuisine BCBG offers a variety of ceramic sinks, faucets, handles, mouldings and ornaments to complete the decor.
Salle de Montre du Club Cuisine BCBG
3611 AUTOROUTE 440, LAVAL (QUEBEC) H7P5P6, (450) 978-2582
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